FOCI-VIII Pre-event Reading

Jack Richards’ many years of work in ELT Curriculum and Methodology need no introduction and have produced a number of excellent books and articles. The writing we suggest here is simply meant as a “stimulus” for participants’ group discussions and perhaps an appropriate lead-in to the groups’ work in December. His article is linked here: 

While not directly related to our student profiles or educational environments, additional articles by three Taiwanese scholars (“Thinking of the Textbook in the ESL/EFL Classroom”:

as well as Sheldon’s still frequently cited “Evaluating ELT textbooks and materials”:

McGrath’s metaphors in “Teachers’ and learners’ images for coursebooks” (attached files) should also provide some very useful “pre-FOCI thought” and help lead to even more interesting discussions in our focus groups.

Last April, Funda and William had the pleasure of attending the IATEFL “ELT Journal Signature Event” debate in Liverpool. Curriculum gurus Catherine Walker and Scott Thornbury squared off in a lively debate on textbooks – all under the watchful eye of the ELT Journal’s new Editor, Graham Hall, who successfully managed to ensure they came out shaking hands at the end. We thought that listening to their fighting words on the topic “Published course materials don’t reflect the lives or needs of learners” might further lead to accelerated group work. You can find the debate at:

Note: There are some sound difficulties at the beginning of the clip, and there may be reduced sound quality for some throughout.


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