FOCI-XIV – @Doğuş University (15-16 Dec. 2016)

9am to 5pm Thursday 15th & Friday 16th December, 2016
Theme: TECHNOLOGY & the Curriculum: Getting the Blend right

Educational technology has been a hotly-debated topic over the last decade or more. There seems to be consensus that it can be a useful tool to engage learners and to aid successful learning, but often it seems to be up to the individual teacher to use (or not to use) technology to aid their teaching. How can we promote learning by integrating technology use in the curriculum of Preparatory Programmes? What are the limitations and risks? What exactly are the advantages? Are we using it to best effect? Where should we start? Are we getting the blend right?

This FOCI will attempt to clarify the practical ways of systematically integrating technological tools into the delivery of the curriculum in such a way that will allow technology to be exploited in a pedagogically effective way in our classes.

Final wrap-up session video and the slides are below.

You may find the slides below.

Focus Group A

Focus Group B

Focus Group C