9am to 5.30pm Thursday 12th & Friday 13th May, 2016

Group A

Group B

Group C

 Venue: Kınıklı Campus, Denizli

Theme: Analyzing the Needs and Needing the Analysis
The short time that we have for our preparatory programmes means that our curricula need to prioritise those skills and language points which our learners will need for their studies in English.
How do we go about identifying these needs? What exactly does this entail? What exactly should we be looking for and how do we collect data? Is it just a case of some student questionnaires and some interviews with faculty? How do we analyse and process this raw material into a coherent set of syllabus objectives?
This FOCI event will be an opportunity to explore how different institutions have gone about carrying out needs analysis for preparatory programmes with a view to learning from each other’s’ experiences.