FOCI-IX: Yaşar University – May 2014

Another FOCI event is over. If you would like to reach materials. Please click the below.
FOCI IX Yaşar University (İzmir) Documents


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FOCI-IX @ Yaşar University İzmir  


Dates:  Friday 9th May and Saturday 10th May, 2014


Critical Thinking is one of those “buzz-words” which we hear over and over again, not just in the ELT circles, but also in the wider field of education. When we use or hear the phrase ‘critical thinking’, do we all mean and understand the same thing? Is it just a term which we feel we need to mention in order to add weight to our discussions? Or is it an active and meaningful concept which forms and influences our approach to developing the curriculum? And if so, do all teachers know what we mean? What about the learners?
This FOCI event attempted to identify and clarify the meaning of critical thinking and to think of practical ways in which Curriculum Teams can work within their institutions towards a common approach to promoting the skill of critical thinking.
In preparation for the upcoming FOCI IX, we have chosen a number of articles pertinent to our theme and our focus group discussions. You can find these attached. There are four main articles for your perusal, and in addition two brief replies to Dwight Atkinson’s writing.
We hope that some “advance preparation” on our behalf will make discussions more focused, and we encourage you to bring the articles along for reference in the focus groups. These have been jointly chosen by the Organizing Committee and our Yasar hosts as articles representative of those available on our critical thinking theme for FOCI-IX.

Critical Thinking framework for any Discipline

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