Future events


9am to 5pm Thursday 19 December & 9am- 4pm Friday 20 December, 2019

Venue: İzmir University of Economics, Sakarya Caddesi, No: 156 35330 Balçova – İzmir 


  • Integrated vs Discrete Skills Curriculum: Are we who we say we are? 

There seems to be some variety in the extent to which different preparatory programmes take an integrated-skills approach to the development of their curriculum. Some programmes have completely separate courses for each skill with different course books and teachers. Others have teachers sharing the teaching load of a class and teaching all four skills. Between these two positions, there seems to be a variety of different levels of integration, such as integrating speaking and listening but having a separate reading and writing strand to the curriculum.

What are the pros and cons of different approaches that we take in different institutions? What implications does the approach to this issue have on choice of course materials? To what extent do practical implications such as timetabling affect decisions about this issue?

This FOCI event will be an opportunity for participants to share their experience of, and discuss issues related to these issues. The intention is that participants will come away with some concrete ideas of how to achieve clear and realistic overall goals for their programmes

The forum will take an informal and hands-on approach to the practical “nitty-gritty” of curriculum work aiming to complement the formal presentation of papers or workshops to be found at other professional gatherings such as conferences, seminars and workshops. It is intended that participants will come away from the Forum with concrete examples of how other institutions have responded to the challenges raised by the theme. This will involve whole-group discussion and smaller groups focusing on particular areas who will then present to the whole group. The topics for the smaller focus groups’ discussion will be decided from suggestions made by participants on the registration form.


  • In order to ensure efficient and focused discussion and an informal atmosphere, places are limited to ONE representative from each institution. We hope that you will understand the necessity for this.
  • The representative should be a member of a syllabus or curriculum team, or other teacher who is actively involved in curricular development, rather than an administrator.
  • If interest exceeds capacity, places are allocated randomly from applications received by the closing date, maintaining a range of different types of university and geographical spread in order to ensure the widest variety of perspectives.
  • There is no fee. Refreshments and lunch are provided free of charge.
  • The language of the forum is English.
  • The deadline for registration is Friday 11th October 2019.
    For enquiries contact: fociturkey@gmail.com

To register: The deadline for registration is Friday 11th October 2019. To register complete this form and send to fociturkey@gmail by the deadline.

TRANSPORT: For more info click here to transport document 

ACCOMMODATION: Unfortunately we are not able to organize accommodation, but these are some possibilities close to the campus: Click here to see the accomodation suggestion

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