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9am to 5pm Thursday 6th & 9am- 4pm Friday 7th December, 2018
Venue: Yabancı Diller Yüksekokulu, Ege Universitesi Kampüs, Bornova – İzmir
Theme: Assessment from a Curriculum Developer’s Perspective: the Who? What? When? and Why?
Having created the best possible curriculum to meet the needs of our students, how can we, as curriculum developers, ensure that the assessment of learners’ progress and performance is in line with the goals of the curriculum?
How can we ensure the process of testing successfully meets the objectives set out by a level, or the end goals of a programme?

What form does or should our relationship with assessment teams take?
Would it be more advantageous to have a joint ‘Curriculum-Assessment’ team and what are the experiences of institutions which have implemented this?
How can we ensure that both teams are ‘pulling’ in same direction?

How can we avoid an exam-driven curriculum? Is the “tail wagging the dog”? Is there a danger of “putting the cart before the horse”?

Rather than getting into the specifics of test-writing, implementation and other aspects of assessment per se, this FOCI event will focus through the eyes of the curriculum developer on these questions and other issues directly related to the impact of assessment on our curricula such as:
• Exam previewing
• Assessment weightings and specifications
• Standardisation of exams, quizzes or other types of assessment
• Achieving beneficial washback on the curriculum from assessment and testing
• Assessment rubrics/criteria

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