FOCI-VI @ Özyeğin University

Flexibility within Limitations

9am-5pm Thursday 13th Dec 2012 and 9am to 1pm Friday 14th Dec 2012

There are different reasons why some students are unable to meet the expectations of the program. Sometimes it may be due to a lack of effort but sometimes even students who tried their best cannot succeed. Following suggestions from the last FOCI event, the theme of FOCI-VI will therefore be Flexibility within Limitations and the forum will aim to explore the issues about what we can or would like to try to do for the students in the latter group.  Do we really consider the fact that everybody learns a language at a different pace while designing our mainstream and repeat programs? Is it possible to provide sufficient flexibility within the limitations of our programs to ensure maximal success?

See Future Events for more details and to register.

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4 Responses to FOCI-VI @ Özyeğin University

  1. Aybike Oguz says:

    I’m sure it will be another great FOCI. Good luck to OzU team and say hi to everyone:)!

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